Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have Fun Entertaining!

Dixie put on quite a spread for the 4th that included red velvet cupcakes with white icing and blue sprinkles.
The Funky Junk Daughters made these darling patriotic parasols and placemats for our gathering with a download on the computer.
Below are some pictures from our Funky Junk Sisters Show in June. Debi Ward Kennedy spoke to our vendors about the importance of display and we provided the drinks and snacks for the Friday night event.

Our good friend Marty helped us out by providing vintage pieces to use as serving utensils. We just fell in love with the cart that was used to chill the drinks.
Marty used an enamel ware mug as a scoop for the snack mix, so cute!

It is so much fun to pull out vintage things and find new purposes for them... look around, you never know what you might find to use at your next party!


  1. WOW I just love the enamel ware cart for the drinks. I would LOVE to find something like that.

  2. I am lovin' that enamel cart too! Such a cute idea for the drinks...LOVE IT!