Monday, July 13, 2009

Get Creative With Vinyl Designs

Vinyl designs have become so popular. Here are some creative ways to use them. Dixie has a vinyl cutting machine and she made this saying for her home, it is above the window in her kitchen.

I live in a little house, and sometimes it seems too small. One day I complained about it to Dixie, soon after that, my thoughtful sister surprised me with the design below. I applied it above the two windows in my dining area. Whenever I feel like I need a bigger house I look at this....

This chandelier is one of our favorites.
Don't forget about mirrors and windows. Dixie hung this mirror in her dining room. It is a little hard to see here but it is a family crest with a crown. The D in the middle is for DIXIE!
Here is a great idea I came across the other day when I was showing a house to a client. It's a great way to customize tile in a master bathroom. Dark paint was applied first, then the vinyl was applied in the middle of the tiles. After the vinyl, paint was applied with a sponge in a lighter color sparingly over the top.

The technique was also applied to the top of the tiles around the back splash.

Visit to see some of the other designs Dixie has available.
Funky Junk Sister #2


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that! I especially LOVE the crest on the mirror. I want one of those for my mirror that sits on our mantel. Off to order me one of those!

  2. Thanks Linda!!! I am also doing free shipping on sign orders over $100.00 =)


  3. Those are really neat ideas! I love the tile design, too. Karen