Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vendor Spotlight on Todays Country Store in Sumner,WA

Have you ever been to Sumner, Washington? Well if you have you will know what we mean when we say that it is the cutest place on earth. When you walk the streets of downtown you feel like you have turned back time by 50 years. Our favorite store on the block is "Todays Country Store". Proprietors Kris Williamson and Amy McCoy really have an eye for junk and what to do with it. They have plenty of suggestions on how to use it in your home too. You will spend hours looking through their creative displays.

The shops success comes from being a unique mix of antiques, gifts and vintage decor. Because antiques are usually one of a kinds, neither the departments stores nor the shops down the street can recreate their look.

We are so excited to have them as a vendor, you will easily find their booth by the crowds they will attract. Better get there early though, the items from 'Todays Country Store' don't last long!

  1. Kris and Amy will be conducting a decorating clinic at The Funky Junk Sisters Show. Amy's house has been featured in several decorating magazines including the 2009 summer edition of Flea Market Style magazine. Amy modestly told us that Kris is better at decorating than she is so by the looks of the store and this magazine, we can't wait to see what Kris will teach us at the show!

You may visit their store at 1008 Main St. Sumner, WA.
Mon-Sat 10-6pm Sun 11-5pm.
253-826-6646 email


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today...I adore Sumner! Kris, who is part owner of The Country Store is a friend, my boys went to school with her kids, she is a doll and I LOVE their store, been shopping there for years. Did Amy's house get photographed by Philip Clayton Thompson and Donna Pizzi? They are dear friends of mine and a great team, they did my house last Spring. Debi Kennedy is such a doll too! I will have to come to your show at the fairgrounds, that sounds like so much fun.

    Bless you both and Happy Spring,
    Donna Lynn

  2. I've visited their shop in Sumner many times and it's always an inspiration! I just met Amy today and she is such a lovely woman. They'll be a great addition to your show.

  3. Oooohhh!!! Aaahhh....I was in Oregon this past weekend. I was close..kinda. Next time!

  4. Love, Love, Love. I can smell another train trip to Washington coming on...yum, yum! :) Thanks for sharing your great photo's!! Andrea

  5. Oh - I want to go to Sumner but where is it? I know how to get to Spokane! The store looks very fun!! Love your blog, I'm adding it to my list of favs....

  6. Wow, you're raising the bar on us . . . Deb Kennedy and now Amy & Kris--SWOOD!!! We are all in such very good company sharing a genuine passion. I feel lit up light Christmas tree inside and can't wait until your show!

    Debi in Ormolulu-land

  7. never post without checking it first . . . "SWOON!!"


  8. Thanks Linda for all the kind words about us and our shop.Pressure is on! WOWO!

  9. Love your site!! Wish we lived closer so that we could come to your shows. Maybe someday....