Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our sponsor is having a giveaway!

Competitive Edge has been so gracious to allow the Funky Junk Sisters to use their warehouse for our show, we decided to give them a little recognition. They are a fabulous facility that focuses on youth athletics. They specialize in non sports specific training that includes speed/agility and core workouts. They also offer specific training in most sports, their highly recognized highschool football combine in May has helped many players receive college scholarships. Check out their website and blog for more info.

They have partnered with the Puyallup School District to offer Fit For Life programs on Wednesdays. The staff at Competitive Edge genuinely care about kids and hold them to high standards by expecting them to stay fit. Any Company that does that is good in our book!

Visit their blog for your chance to enter their giveaway!

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