Monday, March 9, 2009

FuNky JuNK SiSTer #4

WE just had to do this. This is Funky Junk Sister #4, our other sister, Patty Ann.

Forgive us Pat!!!! We love you!!!

D & L

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  1. Hey, gals! Thanks for stopping by our blog. We just started it in January, and I see you are fairly new to this blog thing also. We are having a blast! There are four of us who host an annual Junk Fest - it's been so fun!

    By the way, my aunt and uncle and their daughter and family live in Spokane and my three sisters and I took the train to see them last summer - we had a BLAST! I could definately live in Spokane - beautiful area! Anyway, our cousins daughter has helped The Farm Chicks at their sales. How close do you live to Spokane area? Have fun with your blog! Andrea