Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vintage Good Form Aluminum Chair Redo

 Just had to show you our redo of a vintage aluminum chair. 

 It is a Good Form chair from 1952. Here's how we know... it's stamped in the aluminum under the front bar on the chair, January 1952. With a little research we found that chairs that are upholstered with perforated vinyl are pre 1970. Newer chairs have solid vinyl. Our chair had some minor rips in the seat but we decided we wanted to leave it original and didn't mind the wear, so we left it alone. 

 It also has this tag.
First we painted the body with Funky Junk Sisters Paint "ice cream" color. Then we stenciled the cross in Funky Junk Sisters Paint "red wagon" color. We dry brushed on some aging with Funky Junk Sisters Paint "Anvil" color around the edges. Finally we scuffed it up a bit with a sand block and put Funky Junk Sisters Wax over the top to protect it. 

We heart the way it turned out. 

Our Puyallup,Washington Holiday Vintage Market is just a little over a week away...maybe you will find a treasure there that you will want to redo!

Here's a show tip....
You can purchase early bird tickets online HERE and get in 30 minutes before all the crowds or you can go to the Washington State fairgrounds on Thursday November 13, 2014 from 2pm to 4pm 
and buy your ticket early.  
These are great ways to avoid the lines and get in before all the peeps waiting in line to purchase tickets the night of show opening. 

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  1. How cute! It now looks like it would have sat in a school nurse's office years ago! Have a great show! Hugs, Leena