Monday, October 13, 2014

Ever Wonder Why We Started All This Junkin Stuff? Here's A Look Back....

This blog is dedicated to FUNKY JUNK SISTER #1, our mother, Dixie. She is the original "Junk Queen". 
She taught us (my sisters and I) how to decorate on a budget. That means that you went rummaging at garage sales, estate sales and flea markets all the time. And I do mean all of the time, if we were in the car with mom we were on the hunt. She would turn in at every garage sale sign she saw, and as kids, believe me, that wasn't always a good thing. She would hear the whining too. "Not another one! Let's go home!"
If my brothers were in the car, oh Lordy watch out. They would make her miserable all the way home for that last stop. The trip home wasn't a short one either. We lived in a small town north of Spokane, Washington so the ride home took about 35 minutes.
When we arrived back at the farm everyone that didn't make the trip into town with her was forced (seriously forced) to see all of her new finds.
Back then we didn't appreciate the things she found. Now it's a different story.... now we have taken all that she taught us and turned it into money, treasures, or heirlooms for our families. Thanks Mom, we finally get it!!


  1. I feel left out Your other sister.
    Patty Ann
    (How true that is our mom)

  2. Oh.. I wanted to say how beautiful your Mom is.

  3. I had no idea you guys did all that and I lived right down the road- HA! Now I sell junque too. Funny how we meet up again after all these years.
    With Gobs of FOND memories!
    Annette Baldwin Orrino Now it's Tyrrell.