Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take a Break

We had a super busy week! We decorated a Posh New Years Eve Party for 350+ people that turned out fantastic so we decided we deserved  an afternoon of pleasure. 
We spent it looking through old Country Home (sniff, sniff, miss that mag) 
issues and found this DREAMY pic! 
Just stop with your busy lives for a minute and imagine yourself sitting on this bed 
with your favorite magazines on a mild summer day.....ahhhhhh! 
Wonderful huh?

1 comment:

  1. I too miss that magazine, when they started sending me "More" in it's place I canceled my subscription. I also let them know "More" magazine had absolutely nothing that interested me. Country Living magazine is getting to be a fairly big disappointment also. Thank goodness I have save a lot of old issues of both.

    I remember that picture of the bed outside, I also have a photo of a bed my cousin took on a garden tour that I would like to duplicate, even bought a queen size blow up air mattress since I didn't want to lug a big mattress in and out for mice to get in. All it took to get that idea out of my head was finding a "Large" rattlesnake 20 ft from my back door this summer. Have had several little ones near house in the past. Just don't want to have snakes or mice in my pillows or blankets.