Monday, January 9, 2012


We told ya'll about the cool New Years Eve Party we were called to decorate...
well this is how we did it.

We started out with some old sign letters, two of them were 5 feet tall. They no longer had the neon in them but we were fortunate that they still had the white covers with them. So many letters we come across have been damaged and don't have the covers intact. 
 We wanted to light them up but we didn't want to spend a ton of money and we didn't have alot of time. Story of our lives, right, huh? Did you know you could buy Christmas light strands in bulk without the bulbs? Yep, we found that out. We bought lotsa feet of it, then we bought several hundred C9 bulbs in our favorite colors....PINK and BLUE. After screwing them all in we duct taped them to the inside of the letter. 
 Like this....nice and secure. We did have to add a plug to the end and some sort of top to the other end so we wouldn't electrocute anyone. Yikes.
 Plugged them in and here ya go! We replaced the cover and surprised our clients with the finished product. We'll show ya'll that at the end. 
 Here's a pic of the fancy hotel room we stayed in since we did attend the party that night.
 It was FAB with views of the city all around. 
 Here's the finished product with the lights of Tacoma behind. LME stands for Lights, Music & Entertainment. So cool, if we do say so ourselves. 
 The party was a blast and was enjoyed by all!!!!


  1. Is this at the Tacoma Art Museum? Some friends of mine were there with Sweet Betty Jean. Looked like a MOST fun time!!! Congrats!!

  2. So beautiful and very creative! BTW, I nominated you to be featured in Folk magazine. You ladies are so nice, you deserve it!

  3. So neat! I love those letters! Wonder how hard it would be to ship a giant L out here? Hmmmmm

  4. Hey there, nice to hear from y'all and that you are doing a show in Texas! How fun is that. Please send me more details would love to know more about the show. Thanks, Theresa (