Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage Swimsuits

At our CDA, Idaho show one of our vendors was kind enough to let us use a vintage swimsuit that belonged to her hubby's grandma. We dressed one of our manneqins in it. This vendor had rescued it from the trash pile after grandma died...all the other relatives thought she was crazy for keepin' it. We've all been accused of that, now haven't we? It was similar to the one below.
When we got home, we did a little research on seems swimsuits of this vintage are worth around $250! Now who's the CRAZY one? Sheesh!!

These old ads make us want to buy a jantzen! Glamour all the way, baby!

Here's something a bit newer, cute huh?

Ok...we had to keep it a bit real here with the pic below, not everyone is a bathing beauty.


  1. I love your dressed up mannequin! That suit is too cute! The value must have something to do with few swimsuits surviving the chlorine levels in pools at that time :0)

  2. Love all the old suits!!! The purple glitter one is my fav

  3. I love the last picture, especially the shoes! Beautiful and realistic, unlike the old ads LOL! Hey, if it could make me look like that, I'd wear one now! Hugs, sweeties!

  4. Those images are too fab! Of course if we only had those suits we'd instantly have those tiny waistlines and long, slender arms and legs!

  5. That polka dot number that came out of the trash heap? LOVE it! The Jantzen ads are fabulous!