Thursday, September 8, 2011

And We Had Fun...

Our glamping/tailgating weekend started out at Funky Junk Sister #3 lake place, where we did a lotta boatin', bbqing and a bunch o' family fun! Here's Mackie one of Dixie's little ones gettin' her game face on the day before.
After all the water fun on Friday we headed on to Pullman to set up our Bengal tailgate. We dressed up the trailer in all kindsa black and orange.
We had quite a crowd in our junksisters really know how to entertain...even if it is redneck style.
How'd that cougar fan get in the pic? Nah...that's a bro in law having some fun. The gal with him is Suzie, she brought some delish pies for dessert.
Below parents of a Bengal player and a sister that went to WSU. We sure did have alot of those cougars hangin' out with us!
Here's the reason we all came...JT. It's interesting being a parent of a player. You spend a whole lotta time and money going to the away have a ton of fun, but the person that really makes all of it happen, the player, doesn't get to be a part of the festivities. Of course they play in the game, but all the pregame and post game activities are done without them. We always thank our son on the phone for bringin' all of us together. We try to describe all the fun we are having because of him. The only time you actually get to see him is immediately after the game when they are loading onto the buses heading off for the airport, like the pic below. So that's what we do...we wait at the buses just to get a chance to see him.
He did make the front of every sports page in the state of Washington.
My sweet Funky Junk niece, Heather, took some awesome pics at the game. She's just started in the world of photography and shes doing a fabulous job so far. Thanks Heather for the pics!

Ok gotta go now, we'll be on the road again, drivin' 11 hours, to watch a game. Wish us luck!!!!

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