Monday, March 8, 2010

We Love Spokane!

We are thrilled to share our love of vintage with anyone who will listen... so you can imagine how we felt to visit with a reporter from our hometown newspaper, The Spokesman Review! The last time we were in the Spokesman was many years ago when Dix and I were both riding on floats in the lilac parade for our hometown of Deer Park. My time was many moons before Dixie but needless to say it was an awesome experience for both of us.

Cheryl Anne Millsap of The Spokesman Review visited with Dixie at our booth at the Custers Show in Spokane! Here is a link to the article "Funky Junk"!


  1. Just FYI...I adore reading your blog, but I cant read it easily due to your background...esp the typewriter keys. :-(

  2. will ya'll be at the farm chick show in spokane in june? i'm traveling up to it, can't wait!

  3. Glad you guys had such a great time over here in our neck of the woods! I wish I would have been able to make the show to check it out. Are you planning on being vendors at the upcoming Spring Custer's Antique Show?

  4. Tinell, not sure why that happens, it could be the browser you are opening it with.
    Yes Katie,
    We are bringin a caravan of ladies over to shop. You should join us, we will have more on this blog about it later.
    Sophia, We did have a great time at the show, we will check our schedule to see if it works!
    Linda & Dixie

  5. Oh I would love to join the caravan & PRIVATE DINNER PARTY AT THE SHOP ;) What day are ya'll leaving?? My email is or I will of course just keep checking your blog for more info. Thank you!
    When in May is your show in Puyallup???

  6. I love your blog. You gals are so creative! I was raised in Portland, Oregon. The NW is the best. I now live in Salt Lake City which it has it's benefits too! Keep on junkin' and I'll keep readin'