Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bargain of a lifetime....

I'm helping my hubby furnish the lobby of his new health club on South Hill in Puyallup. This means I have scoured the Internet and all of the local stores for everything he needs. I've purchased all of the furniture and all that was left to find was an area rug for the main lounge. We have gone with a mod contemporary theme (so unlike me) with earthy colors of rust, cream, green and a bit of purple. I stopped in home depot for some spot lights and I just happened to walk by their rug section. I wasn't seeing too much that would fit my needs, except this one 5x7 rug. Mind you, it's all rolled up so its hard to get much of an idea of what it really looks like. From what I could tell, it was way over my budget so I passed it up the first time around...but I had to walk past it again, and I looked closer. The UPC didn't look like it matched what was on the bin so I asked a friendly floor person for some help.
This is Jeff, he pulled out his handy dandy price checker and scanned it for me. After checking it he had a stunned look on his face. He said he needed to double check on the main computer, which he did like a good employee. To my delight he came back to inform me that the price for this lovely rug was....(drum roll please) one cent!!!!!! I thanked him profusely and high tailed it out of there before anyone could change their mind!!!!!
Yes, this is the lovely rug I paid one cent for, lucky me, bargain/junk queen of all the earth! I shoulda gone straight to the casino from there!!!!!
Funky Junk Sister #2


  1. looks like someone scored big!

  2. Wow! We live at our Home Depot off and on, but never scored a deal that good!

  3. (smacking my head on my desk and wondering why oh why can't I ever find a find like that!!),
    WOWZA! I am just about speechless! I sure hope no one looses their job over that one! I mean one cent!!!!! Did you pay for it with a check or cash! HAHAHAHAH! Really like your blog...just found it and will be signing up as a new follower!

  4. One cent? did they just give you the penny out of the penny cup or really waste money on printing a receipt? Way To Score!!!