Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Knew We Needed These....

when we saw them at a show a few months back. We just didn't know what we were gonna do with em. Sweet little vintage radios. How many old baseball games were listened to on these things? This radio/alarm clock, probably the finest in it's day....you can bet it has been smacked around a few times when the alarm went off too early in the AM!
Well the newest edition of Ladies Home Journal has a great idea for these old relics. Gather them all together in one big collection and celebrate them!
Love the colors!

The quirky radios add just enough funk to this living room, don't cha think?

Now we need more to add to our collection. We will be on the lookout for the next few days in the Tacoma area, remember to say howdy when you see us!
Linda & Dixie


  1. adorable...I have a pink one like the first one.

  2. They look really neat grouped together like that! ..Lisa :-)

  3. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I have been thinking of inquiring about doing your May show -- if there is still room. Sammy Girl and I might pair up & help each other out, but still thinking it over. Love your look and would like to be a part of all the fun! M.

  4. I recently picked up a 70's record console that I adore. I now am keeping an eye out for any type of vintage stereo or radio. They are just so charming.