Monday, January 4, 2010

Vintage Cowboy Boots

We are back! We took some time off lately from the computer, hope you all had wonderful holidays! We sure did, more on that later....

The junk sisters have fallen in love with vintage cowboy boots and it seems lots of other gals have too. Don't they just look darling with this cute summer dress?

Everybody's doing it!

They've even made their way into the bridal scene.

Our problem.... which color do we like most? Can't decide.... so we'll hunt for a pair in every color!

Off to the thrift shops we go!


  1. I would really love to find a pair of these in pink!

  2. love, love , love . . . cowboy boots!!! liz

  3. Thank god you're clear across the country, so I can have all the East Coast vintage boots for myself (I'm at 7 pair and counting)! LOVE THEM.

  4. What timing! I stopped in to my local Goodwill this afternoon and in the boot area were two pairs of vintage Tony Lama with just the perfect amount of wear to them and both in my size! It was a good day!

  5. Welcome back, you have been missed!....and vintage wonderful!

  6. I just love Vintage Cowboy boots, and have been collecting them for a few years!
    Good luck on your hunt!

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