Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Nice Surprise.

Phoenix was a little hot for us so we decided to drive to Sedona where it was a bit cooler. What a gorgeous place. We absolutely loved it and knew we made a great choice for a drive when all of a sudden we saw this, larger than life.... This place was full of fun finds, Silver Son West. In Sedona a town full of lovely tourists galleries, this shop full of western art stuck out like a sore thumb! Just our style!
These signs greet you as you walk in.

More signs.

WE told you it was FULL of interesting things. Can you see the tall wooden Indian welcoming us in?

Want a chiminea? Plenty of choices here!

Here are a few pictures of the scenery from our hike. The contrast of the red rock and the greenery was spectacular.


  1. great pictures!!!!!!
    looks like fun!!!!!

  2. I love Arizona! One of the most unique things I enjoyed was the way they decorated the divider walls on their interstate. Love the geekcos, lizards or whatever they were. It made riding on the interstate pleasant. Also loved the scenery there! Thanks for sharing!


  3. What a fun looking place, love it!

  4. How much fun was that? Great pictures! ~Mindy

  5. Good to see that you are getting out and really enjoying AZ shops and view of the mts.I was there last May at the shop you were at.Fun shop.I will be heading there the 20th.Cant wait!! Fun Finds 2 U..Chickie