Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beautiful Burlap?

We are in love with the rustic texture of burlap, especially when it is paired with a more sophisticated fabric. This table setting below is so elegant, yet it is set with burlap. Brown paper bags were used as menus. Brilliant!
Simple blue and white cotten dish towels are used for napkins and mason jars for drinking glasses.
Tarnished silver adds to the charm.

This is a great idea for outdoors.

This picture is calling our name....we feel a project coming on!
Another idea for chairs, what a great way to add some french fancy to your dining room!

Whodda thunk?

Just a touch of whimsy to a soft delicate room....absolutely scrumptious!
Images courtesy of google images.


  1. the chairs!!!!!!!!

  2. Your blog is great! I just added you as a friend to our shop's facebook, and now I'm going to add your blog to our blog. Check out the shop's blog at I love the burlap with beautiful things combined too, rough meets pretty. Very nice...Lisa :-)

  3. I love all the fabulous pictures using burlap! I especially like the table setting, great ideas!

  4. LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Just came across it today and I am thrilled to read all your great posts and of course I love the song...SISTERS!!!


  5. Holy cow, if you make those lounge chairs, I'm all over it! Sign me up! ;)

    Trying to make a jaunt up to see ya'll at your shin-dig--hopefully meeting some NW blogland girls there. I'm bringing the Big Kahuna camera, so get ready for your close-up :)