Wednesday, February 18, 2015

White Painted Furniture Is Beautiful.

I spent most of yesterday painting furniture. Let's face it, I'm getting older, my hands go numb, I get stuck in a crouching position and I can't get back up! Seriously, it takes me days to recoop....but there is nothing like seeing the finished masterpiece. That is when I remember why I love pieces painted white. They are so fresh, like a breath of spring air. 
Our Funky Junk Sisters Paint is the perfect paint to use,
 and our "ice cream" color is the perfect color of white. 


The contrast to painted walls is spectacular.

See what I mean.

Always so bright and cheerful. Believe me we need that in the Pacific Northwest.

Crisp and clean.

But not all things have to be white, color is fun too.
We  have plenty of painted furniture in all colors at our shows and if you can't wait 
for our vintage market then you can paint your own with
 our Funky Junk Sisters Paint. You can order it online here.
By the way, since I am the older sister, what I say goes, so I have decided to make 
Dixie do all of the painting from now on!!!

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  1. This painted furniture looks awesome. I agree that it contrasts nicely with the painted walls. It gives the room a very clean and fresh feel.

    Susan Hirst |