Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oh how we wish for longer days and warmer weather!

Today it is pouring down rain here, absolutely pouring! It's cold too. 
We can't wait for warmer weather and longer days...
we can't wait to get outdoors and entertain again. 
Our February show seems to be the "winter weather breaker" for us. 
It reminds us that the garden will soon be calling us to fix it up and prepare it for spring. 
So at this February show we look for pieces to use in our yard or to entertain with outside.
 Like this enamelware we used for a snack and beverage station awhile back.  
We love the beautiful colors and patterns that are available in enamelware,
 but white is the easiest to find. 
If you desire more color in your tablescape, it can be added with vintage linens. 
Did you know enamelware can be dated by the weight of the piece? For example, an enamelware coffee pot from the beginning of the 20th century is heavier than one made after World War II. 
Sound can also be a clue. If you tap the bottom of an enamelware mug 
with your fingernail and it sounds tinny, 
it was probably made in the 1970s.

Won't you join us in Hillsboro, Oregon for this very special JuNk show....
cuz your garden will too be calling your name, 
telling you it's time to wake up from the winter blues and get ready for spring!
 Junk Salvation 
February 6 & 7, 2015
 Washington County Fairgrounds
Hillsboro, Oregon

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