Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Super Easy DIY Advent Calendar

We took some time the other day to create a special Advent Calendar for our Funky Junk family. 

Here's how we did it...
 We used scrap wood to form a simple star. You'll need five boards, 
each board measures 36 inches. Play around with them until you get the shape
you like, then nail them in place. 
We wanted it to look old so we dry brushed it with our 
in the color "galvanized bucket" and then with the color "ice cream".

After we painted it (which you can see a little better in this pic) we hot glued 24 mini clothespins to it. Here's our configuration. 
Then we took some chalkboard labels (you can get these just about anywhere, ours are from Hobby Lobby but we've seen them at the Dollar Store too)....
 stick them to some darling paper bags (Hobby Lobby). 

Here's how they look after we used liquid chalk for the numbers. 
We decided to fill our bags with a mixture of vintage ornaments, candy and holiday activities.
 Once the bags were stuffed we folded the top over and 
secured them on the star with the clothespins. 
Taaa Daaa!!!!
It turned out so stinkin' cute! 

It was easy....give it a try. 

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