Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Junkin' We Will Go

We are gettin' ready to head back to Texas for our Junk Salvation show
at J. Lorraine ghost town near Austin.  We'll be junkin' our way down there...
one stop we'll make is
The Rose Bowl Flea.

We can't wait!! We'll be on the lookout for lotsa stuff, but here's our short list.

Frames...the bigger and bolder the better!

Lampshades...did you know you can paint lampshades?

Old photos...we like to use them under glass tabletops.

Vintage fashion jewelry...bobbles and trinkets make fabulous adornments for just about anything.

Furniture...gosh we just gotta a real thing about furniture. We love it, it doesn't matter what color it is cuz we know that's easy to change. We'll just make sure it has great bones and that the construction is sturdy.

We have our little ritual for every junkin trip.
We dress comfortably in jeans and Funky Junk Sister's T shirts.
 We layer our clothing cuz it's usually alot cooler in the morning when we head out
than it will be mid junkin' day.
We get a new pair of  junkin' shoes for each trip.
If our feet hurt we get cranky! We've got our eyes on some cute
 Gravitiy Defyers for this trip.

Each morning we "must" go to Starbucks to get our coffee fix...Dixie is a Starbuckaholic. She helps me order since she knows the
starbucks language better than I do.
After that, it's all business... we grab our gloves,
our little red wagon and we are off to hunt and gather.  
Of course we will be bloggin' the whole way so stay tuned!
Hey Junk Sisters! Want a pair of Gravity Defyers like ours?  Go to the link above and type in FUNKYJUNK  for the promo code and you'll get free shipping.


  1. yea! I sure hope to see y'all! The weather in Texas right now is awesome!

  2. Oh! It sounds like such a fun trip! I would love to the Rose Bowl flea market some day - it sounds incredible! Love the list of goodies you'll be hunting for! Good luck, safe trip and happy junkin! Hugs, Leena

  3. That is a lot of junk collecting! Haha