Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We've got a show coming up...here's a vendor profile.

We are pleased to announce that Red Quail Vintage will be joining us in Puyallup, WA on November 9 & 10!
Suzette and her gang have been vendors at Farm Chicks... as a matter of fact these pictures are of their booth at Serena's show in Spokane. 
Suzette welcome to JuNKsIStEr NaTiON! 
We are anxious to see what you have gathered for Junk Salvation.

Cute stuff, huh? They have such a knack for whimsy. 
The displays they put together are just happy!
Suzette has lots of vintage pyrex, household goods, colorful furniture,
 handmade/re-purposed items and then some.
Ya'll are sure to find something you have been hunting for in Red Quail's booth. 

Remember our Junk Salvation shows have "juried" vendors and 
we offer the best vintage shopping experience!
So don't miss it!!!


  1. Wished I lived closer! I see several things I could..."use". lol

  2. cute display! .....and to be posted in the magazine, that is cool too. you guys really have a cool shop.

  3. We were wondering when your next show would be coming up. Everyone looks forward to them. I love vintage Pyrex goods and have a few pieces of my own. It would be great to add to my collection and some of them I actually use for casseroles and baking. We have to mark the date on our calendar so we don't miss out.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and y'all are making me wish I lived in Washington! Do y'all ever make it down to Texas for Warrenton/Round Top antique days?