Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flea Marketing experts guide to finding awesome stuff and enjoying the thrill of the hunt!

1. Want the coolest stuff? Be an early bird shopper. Take advantage of purchasing an early buy ticket if there is one, it will get you in before the crowds and you'll be able to get the cream of the crop.

2. Bring cash. Cash will get you the best price and many vendors don't take credit cards.

3. Bring a shopping cart or a wagon, it will save you trips to the car. Throw some recycled shopping bags in there too, many vendors run out of bags in the first couple of hours and the bags prevent things from rolling around in your cart.  
                                     This is the wagon we use when we head out to markets.

4.  Make a list of the things you are looking for before you go, chances are you will be enticed by many things, but at least you will remember your mission. It's a bonus if you come home with some extra treasures!

5.  If you really like something buy it now! Don't wait, at a recent sale we had 4 ladies wanting the same set of orange lucky woman was a minute sooner than the other three....she took them home.

6.  Take a good look. Stop at the booths and glance around...a lot of fabulous junk is displayed on top of things. Take time to scan high and low, even if it looks like they have nothing you want. There just may be some hidden treasures in there.

7. We always say... you should circle around the market a few times, you might see something you missed before.

8. If you are a bargain shopper...wait til the last day. You may not get the trendiest items but you will definitely get the best deals.

Remember our Puyallup, WA show is 
June 22 & 23, 2012. 

It's the biggest vintage market in Western Washington and has been named one of the 
best Flea Markets Nationwide!!
There are a limited quantity so don't miss out.

See ya'll soon junksisters, 
Linda & Dixie


  1. Good advice. I hope your show is a fantastic success.

  2. will you ever come to georgia, florida area? please...

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