Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Junk Salvation Hillsboro Feb 2012

Most people have heard of Portland for it's environmentally friendly attitude. If you have never experienced a trip to the Portland area antique markets like Monticello and Stars then we highly recommend it for all treasure seekers. Once a year our Junk Salvation Vintage Market hits the Washington County Fairgrounds and  It’s really almost impossible to explain the mass of vendors and shoppers brimming with treasures coming from all over the Pacific Northwest. The market only lasts a day and a half so its a flurry of buying and selling the most coveted vintage items. 

For us, this sort of non-stop shopping and hunting is fun. We love trying to figure out what odd trinkets were meant for and hearing stories about unique pieces from the vendors. The characters you meet and the variety of objects you find at an event like this is extraordinary. 
Here's a small sampling of what we saw...

 Happy Junkers!

 Excited shoppers!

 Great displays!
We have it all at Junk Salvation!

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  1. Love the stacked suitcases amongst many other things. I think I'm going to have to try and make it to one of these markets over there. Whats the shipping like?

    Joasia x

  2. It all looks so good - will have to put it on my list for next year!