Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Climb on board the Junk Sister train!

Many years ago, we realized that we love old things--objects that tell a story and that have had a life before they became ours. We also figured out there are a whole lotta other people that feel the same way we do. Traveling around to thrift stores and flea markets has influenced our decorating style and how we express ourselves. We see things differently than the average decorator, we like one of a kind, whimsical pieces. That's why we started our Vintage bring our sense of creativity and love for old things to city at a time.

Our next Junk Salvation Vintage Market is in February in Hillsboro, Oregon. Hope ya'll can make it and see the world through our eyes. Come on board the Junk Sister Train!


  1. Sure do wish it was a little closer I would love to bring my style of recycled art out there.

  2. Planning to come, so looking forward to your show in my neck of the woods! Yahoo! Hugs! Florence