Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Coupon Time!

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Just a few short weeks away! We just know ya'll are gonna love our next show. Our vendors have shown us and told us about all their great finds. They'll be hauling all the good stuff to PUYALLUP to present to you in the finest of fashion a junk-o-holic wonderland that we like to call a VINTAGE MARKET!

Friday Night is our Breast Cancer Benefit... Lots of PINK will be seen here! Right now (until October 31st) you can buy tickets online to this event! You will still be able to purchase at the door, however, all ONLINE ticket sales will get in 5:30pm instead of 6:00pm. One more great thing about going Friday... it gets you in Saturday too! To purchase tickets "click" here.  Buy early to get in early!!!

Here is where the COUPON comes into play! Saturday Morning everyone restocks... Yep, you heard us! More NEW merchandise for you to drool over... (We can't fit everything in those booths.)
Remember Christmas is just around the corner!!! Great 1 of a Kind gifts... Just saying!
This coupon is for SATURDAY only~ Print off as many as you like... share with all your friends, family, and maybe some people you see at the mall. Facebook and TWITTER are also great places!!

We have it the BIG number on our JuNk SaLvAtIon facebook page... 4000! That means we will be doing a GIVEAWAY!!!! Yay, we LOVE giveaways... Stay tuned to see what we will be doing!

See ya soon!
Dixie & Linda


  1. Its worthy. Thanks. Such a Nice Blog.

  2. I wish I still lived in Washington! I would love to go and check it out. Let me know if you make it to Boise ever.