Monday, April 25, 2011

What Do You Like Most About Funky Junk Sister's Vintage Markets?

Is it that we bring tons of vendors with cool junk

and put them all under one roof

for your junk-a-holic shopping pleasure?

Is it the people that you meet and the laughs that you share?

Is it our knowledgeable vendors?

The special guests we bring in?

Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style.

Or is it all the cool stuff you can find?

Maybe it's the vintage trailers we bring in....

Whateveh the need to be there! It's a great place to meet all your girlfriends to spend the day laughing, giggling and on the

"hunt for good junk"!

Better make sure at least one of you has room to carry home all the loot

in their vehicle.

Cuz we know you'll find a few treasures for your humble abode!

Our next show is May 13 and 14th in Puyallup, WA.


You can't make it to that one?!! Ya'll are lucky....our summer show is August 6th in Coeur d 'Alene, Idaho.


We are gonna announce an additional show in October... plus the location of our

November show next week!

Stay tuned Junk Sistas!!!!!


  1. It sounds great! Too bad it is just to far for me! I just loved your pictures.

  2. Have a blast! Darn! same day as 2nd Saturdayz! Hope to see you guys soon ;)
    Deb @ Garden Party

  3. I love it all and I've never even been to one - yet! I always enjoy all the news and pix posted afterwards - not as good as being there, but I enjoy it just the same. Y'all are the greatest junkiest sisters ever! ~Leena~

  4. Thanks so much for showing a picture of my sweet little red trailer. Alas, she has gone on to greener pastures..but do not worry I have found a new one and she is on her way from Michigan. A true canned ham this time, a '62 compact that was in Massachusetts last January. She is Westward Ho! Can't wait to fix her up for one of your shows.

  5. What do I like best? ALL OF IT. What do I dislike? That it's too far away for me to get to one. Just fabulous. Keep junkin'.

  6. please please please can you do a show in the Toronto area????? Pretty pretty rusty ratty dented chippy please????