Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween!

Some fun displays we have done in the past for Halloween! Checkout the hanging streamers... they are garbage bags that we cut strips into. Looked spooky at night when the ghost and goblins came a knockin!

Looks like we have a real ghost captured in the picture... kind of eerie! We lived in the spooky woods!

This is Betsy... she likes to hang out!

There's Pirate Jack... he scares the kiddies.

Casper is waiting for someone to sit with him...

This is Davy Jones... coming up for his next victim! We decorated the whole house for our girl's birthday party. All the kids had so much fun!

MaKenna was sooo excited! Now...

Savannah is thinking... "Mom, what are you making me do!" lol

Here is another one of our homes... I loved that YELLOW door!

My OLD wheelbarrow greeting guest with some FALL Mumms!

This took me awhile to carve! Turned out cute!!!

There was an infestation of GIANT SPIDERS!

During the day it didn't look so SCARY!

We would like to wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! BE SAFE & HAVE FUN!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A little something from Martha!

A little something for us BIG kids on Halloween! We have had this yummy Black Vodka... you can only get it this time of year. Have fun and be safe!

Just for grown-up goblins: Serve up a little black magic -- in the form of cocktails made with vodka that's as dark as night.

Ghost in the Graveyard
Serves 1
2 ounces black vodka
2 ounces creme de cacao or coffee-flavored liqueur
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
Pinch of finely grated nutmeg, for garnish

In a glass, combine vodka and creme de cacao, and set aside. Place a scoop of ice cream in a highball glass, and slowly pour vodka mixture over ice cream. Garnish with nutmeg; serve immediately.

Screwed-Up Screwdriver
Serves 1
1/4 cup ice
1/2 cup freshly squeezed tangerine juice
1 1/2 ounces black vodka
1 black licorice twist, for serving

Place ice in a tall glass. Pour juice into glass. Pour vodka over the back of a cocktail spoon into glass so it sits on top of juice and creates a layer of black. Slice 1/4 inch off each end of licorice, and use as a straw. Serve immediately.

Berry Scary Martini
Serves 1
1 cup ice
1 ounce black vodka
2 ounces cherry juice
Fresh raspberries and blueberries, for garnish

Combine ice, vodka, and cherry juice in a cocktail shaker; shake vigorously. Pour into a martini glass. Thread raspberries and blueberries onto a cocktail skewer, and place in drink. Serve immediately.

Read more at Spooky Halloween Spirits - Martha Stewart Recipes

Friday, October 22, 2010

Junk Salvation Part 2

More eye candy from our show...

We've set the date for our next show, February 5th!
Stay tuned for the location.
Want a hint?
It's not in Puyallup!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Junk Salvation Show Part 1

Here we go with the first round of pictures from our "Junk Salvation" Show last weekend.
Look at the line to get in!
You junk sistas really want first pick don't cha? Below is an overview of the first room full of treasures.
This was just as the shoppers were coming in the door.
Can you believe this only shows 1/4 of all the stuff?

True blue junkers digging thru piles of ribbons at our Funky Junk Sisters booth.
It was outta control!

We tried to get around before the crowds came in so you could see how each booth is carefully displayed by all the vendors. So much effort is put into this show to make it very special for our guests...
we have such creative talent that surrounds us and they do a fabulous job!
Dixie named this chicken Phyllis Diller
after one she said she had that looked like this and she claimed it was "crazy".

Check out this darling vintage trailer displayed by the gals at Today's Country Store (check back later for picks of our vintage trailerville).
Sorry sold at our show!
Great job Kris and Amy!

Loveliness everywhere.

Cute Liz of Perry's Place sportin her vintage prom dress.

It was a fun girls night out for all.

We'll have more pics in the next few days.
Thanks to the swarms of junk sisters that attended!!!!
Linda & Dixie

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Come to Puyallup and Get Funky!

Junk Salvation is this weekend!!! Here is a pic from our show last year, just look at all that stuff, it's a junker's paradise. It all starts this Friday at 6pm. The first 50 junksisters in line get FAB stuff in swag bags...don't be late!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bless This Trailer!

We were out junkin today and picked up this fun trivet.
When we saw it we knew it would be PERFECT for our vintage trailer.
Ya'll will get a chance to see our trailer at our
"Junk Salvation" Vintage Market this weekend,
October 15 & 16 in Puyallup, WA.
She'll be there with other canned hams in Trailerville,
they'll be set up for viewing in the parking lot of the show.
Inside the warehouse ya'll will find over 120 booth of vintage goodness!!!
Yeah that's right, we expanded the show by over 40 booths.
You're gonna wanna spend both days huntin through all the fun stuff!!
Friday night is our Breast Cancer fundraiser event
and early entry for buying. All the festivities start at 6pm.
You can purchase tickets at the door...
the first 50 in line get to take home a swag bag full of goodies.
Don't miss out!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where To Stay For Our Junk Salvation Show and How To Get Here!

We just love this collection of pictures from our previous shows. We hope that you get inspiration from it to make a date with your best junkin buddies to attend our next "Junk Salvation" show. The dates are October 15th and 16th in Puyallup, WA. The time is NOW JunkSisters! Get your behinds in gear! It's only 9 days away! If you're not stayin in our GLAMP CAMP aka vintage trailerville, then your gonna have to make some reservations for a place to rest your exhausted body after a GREAT day of junkin (you know we've got over 100 booths to go through,right?!) are our suggestions:

There are plenty of restaurants in the mall area like Famous Daves, Olive Garden, Red Robin and Applebees. This location is awesome to make a whole weekend of it with the gals! Junkin, food, pink martinis, what more could a girl ask for? We think it's the perfect recipe for FUN.

If you need directions from Seattle go here. For directions from Portland go here. Here's a tip...GPS has trouble finding the exact location so punch in South Hill Mall and you'll get to the general vicinity. Our Junk Salvation Show is located in the VERY BIG gray warehouse known as Competitive Edge, its in the north side parking lot (not connected to the mall) in between Target and Sears.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You Gotta Go Here!

Over the weekend we visited Centralia, Washington. It was fun browsing through the antique stores and boutiques. This paper dress drew us in to a wonderful shop.... Catty Wampus.
Inside we discovered this pink paper crown in Pink Frosting's booth.

Such a fabulous selection of vintage linens.

Down the way a bit was this fella bathing right out in public!
He's in the window at The Bath Depot on Pine Street.

Then we stumbled on a very fun, whimsical place called Northwest Tub Co. featuring "Across The Street Antiques". It's run by a husband and wife team, Steve and Nellie Kopa. Loved this place, it was super funky and a little messy....just what we like! It's more fun to have to dig through junk to find your perfect treasure. The next couple of pics are of the antique part of the business.

Pink Trees are popular aren't they?

Then we came to the Tub part of the shop.

They had all kinds of claw foot tubs and wonderful old sinks. If you are looking for one of these, this is the place to go.

You could definitely see the male influence in the store. These hubcaps were displayed on the wall like art and it worked!

Next we dropped into "The Painted Lady Vintage" and chatted with Stacie. She had this adorable blue typewriter in her booth called Two Bugs.
Centralia has so many stores to browse, it's definitely a must see for true blue junkers.

As we got back on the highway our perfect day was capped with this cute little trailer driving down the road. Not sure you can read it but under the Orange Krush Kruiser it says
"I go where I'm towed to go". Remember our show is in less than two weeks!!!
Have you made your plans to attend yet?
We have over 100 booths of "hand picked" vendors
for your junkin pleasure.
Friday night is our "Girls Night Out" with
early shopping and a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research. The first 50 junksisters in line receive a swag bag full of goodies! Don't be late....won't you help us kick cancer to the curb?