Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween!

Some fun displays we have done in the past for Halloween! Checkout the hanging streamers... they are garbage bags that we cut strips into. Looked spooky at night when the ghost and goblins came a knockin!

Looks like we have a real ghost captured in the picture... kind of eerie! We lived in the spooky woods!

This is Betsy... she likes to hang out!

There's Pirate Jack... he scares the kiddies.

Casper is waiting for someone to sit with him...

This is Davy Jones... coming up for his next victim! We decorated the whole house for our girl's birthday party. All the kids had so much fun!

MaKenna was sooo excited! Now...

Savannah is thinking... "Mom, what are you making me do!" lol

Here is another one of our homes... I loved that YELLOW door!

My OLD wheelbarrow greeting guest with some FALL Mumms!

This took me awhile to carve! Turned out cute!!!

There was an infestation of GIANT SPIDERS!

During the day it didn't look so SCARY!

We would like to wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! BE SAFE & HAVE FUN!


  1. What fun, festive and creative decoratoins! I love decorating for Halloween - anything goes, as far as your imagination will take you! Your houses are beautiful - love the styles. Happy Halloween to you and yours too!