Friday, November 5, 2010

Shut the door...were you raised in a barn?

Maybe you weren't, but these are a far cry from what our mother's were talking about!

This isn't a door, but it is a window installed on a sliding track. Another variation to think about since barn doors aren't all that easy to find. We grab them whenever we can, they go fast.

Here is another idea, perhaps it's more your style.

Below are six recycled doors hung together (painted the same color) to hide what's under the canopy...we can just imagine using this technique as a wall divider inside. Now us junksistas just gotta find a handy man that can figure out the slider mechanism for us...We're on the hunt for doors and a MAN!!!


  1. These are great door treatments and space savers! We did that between our hallway and our kitchen, used the sliding barn door "thingy" and hung a french door and now no door to take up kitchen space.

  2. oh i just love these doors...
    i wonder how i can swing this one ;)...

  3. love to have you join in on my blog BARN CHICK PARTY on November 10th!


  4. I have salvaged French doors on galvanized barn sliders for my studio~ I love it since I was born on a farm