Friday, September 3, 2010

Gettin Ready To Tailgate

OK so ya'll know my original intention for Berneice was to "tailgate" with her at my son's football we have driven her down here and we're gettin her ready. BUT first we have to take care of business stuff. Dixie and I consider ourselves pretty web savy but neither one of us has used Skype much so we are tryin to figure it out. So far it has taken me 1 1/2 hours to figure out how to turn the webcam on!!! As of right now Berneice is my mobile office and let me tell ya...she's not equipped with air conditioning! Can you say toasy warm, sweat drippin off my brow kinda crap. Anyways...Dixie and I have an important video interview to do and droopy hair isn't gonna cut it! Now because I have been workin on this computer for nearly two hours, I'm gettin easily distracted. From here I can see the fun sign I picked up junkin today. Not too shabby for 75cents! It looks cute above the trailers fridge.

Oh and look at this, are we ready for football or what?

Guess I'm officially done workin for the day cuz I just glanced over and saw the Trav L Bar and a martini is callin my name...

Take care junk sistas!


  1. Looks like it's time for FOOTBALL to me! Go for it! Work will be there when ya get back!!
    Carol in GA

  2. Ha! You are set to host a pep rally in Berneice! Have fun! ~Mindy