Sunday, August 1, 2010

Twitter Anyone?

As you know us JUNK SISTERs like to be up to date on the whole social networking thing... and is asking "Has anyone really figured out TWITTER?" Do you know there are really famous people working their own twitter accounts? What about the whole RT@ thing? Follow Fridays? Do you know who is following you? and who you are following?

We do!!!
Just the other day Josh Kilmer-Purcell of The Fabulous Beekman Boys tweeted to follow us on Twitter! You better do what he says... it is only polite! Catch them on the PlantGreen channel! Also, they have a live goat cam!!! The goats are funny to watch... lol

FunkyJunkSister on Twitter!

If you want more tweets post your Twitter link on here!
We are more then happy to share!


  1. Ha! My daughters sang this song at the grade school talent show.....very funny. The little one got to hit sisiter with an umbrella. Anyway I'm now following on Twitter, it does often feel like I'm opening the window yelling news and wondering if anyone heard it. Thanks for the giggle. Heidi

  2. Thanks to all of our new followers on twitter from this post. You are the greatest!

    Linda & Dixie