Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Creative Connection Event....little ol' us?

Well gals if you don't know about this event, then you are missin out on somethin special! If you are the creative type and we know most of our readers are...then you'll wanna check this out.
It's the THE CREATIVE CONNECTION! A 3-day conference, crafting extravaganza and emporium for creative women and women entrepreneurs. Created by Nancy Soriano, former editor in chief of Country Living and Jo Packham, the founder and editor in chief of WHERE WOMEN CREATE , THE CREATIVE CONNECTION will bring together women who are passionate about being creative in their lives as artists, business owners, bloggers, and more. Come learn, network, market, and create!
Guess what? These amazing ladies asked if they could do a blog story on us. Can you believe it? Geezzz, we never thought we would be worthy of anything like this! We just like cool junk and we like to tell people about it. Guess you could call it blabbin bout funky junk! Anyways, they call us entrepreneurs, maybe we are but it's just plain ol' fun to us! Seein who can load the truck up with the most junk is a game us Junk Sisters just can't live without.

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  1. Ha you guys!
    Thank you so much for the post ... you are the best! And of course we want to do a story on you - everyone wants to know all about you!!

    Much love