Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I will never forget for my 9th birthday I was given a purple Schwinn Sting Ray with a sparkly silver banana seat and a basket with flowers on the front. I was thrilled but as you can see my brother wasn't. My parents captured the moment in a snapshot. I love this photo. Shortly after I received my gift, my parents gave in to my brother and got him this humongous cruiser bike. He could barely reach the peddles. But from his expression you can tell he doesn't give a darn. He is so proud of this bike.
Dixie and I picked up an old cruiser the other day and it made me think of this old photo. Not sure what we will do with the bike yet, but somehow we will have to make it a tribute to our brother!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a says you are from pullyalup and Indianola! I am from Indianola too..what street do you live on? that is a small world..I love going junking with my bestest buddy in crime Kimmy...I love the photos above and it takes me back to my bike that had the banana seat and tall handle bars and the sissy bar in back that I would change from tall to short and move the seat and the handle bars forward and back depending on my moods..the neighor boys would help me..oh that was a fun bike..I must go and read more about you would be a kick in the pants to meet you both and go junking...small world...have a great did you find me?

  2. What a funny post!...LOVE the look on your brother's face in both pictures! I love old bikes too...they are just so fun to throw on a porch or in a garden. Great pictures; great little brother memory!