Monday, June 29, 2009

Dumpster Diving?

Several years ago I remember my youngest son had just gotten his first (key word here, he was lucky enough to have them twice!) set of braces off. He had just started the fourth grade and at lunchtime he took his retainer out and wrapped it in a napkin. Well you know how the story goes here...needless to say, he threw his brand new retainer in the garbage at the cafeteria. When he got home he told me about it and we went back to school to see if we could find it. The staff was very helpful and suggested that we try to look through the garbage for it. The garbage had been taken out to the dumpster. The custodian was kind enough to show us where it was located. We took one look at that slimy, smelly thing and we were out of there! You couldn't pay us enough to do that!

Recently I have been on the hunt for some stools to pair with a funky old mail room worktable I found. The table is bar height and my sister (FJS#4) suggested I use it as an outdoor bar. I haven't had any luck at garage sales or CL in finding any. I even checked the local retailers to see how much they would cost new. $39 each was too rich for my frugal blood. I was trying to be patient so I tabled the project for awhile. Until last night.... my husband and I were walking late in the evening and we noticed a dumpster by the mailboxes. Something made of wood was sticking out of the top. When we got closer these are what we found! Perfect height and all!
Soon these stools will be helping us entertain our friends....stay tuned....I have plans for them, it has something to do with Margaritaville!


  1. How awesome!! My husband is better at finding things like that than I am. Can't wait to see the end product. Loved the Funky Junk Sisters Sale by the way!! Great Story, Thanks, Erin

  2. Get out! Well, good for you! Free is so much better than store prices. Looking forward to seeing what you do with 'em. ~Mindy

  3. Too cool! I can't wait to see the finished product. ~Patty

  4. Ahhh dumpster diving for many memories...I make the kids check thier pockets first, it may save you a few hours of digging through rubbish at wedding receptions. I keep hearing RaVe ReViEwS about your Funky Junk Sister's many are looking forward to next year!

  5. Brings back those retainer memories for me too! Hope we can get together soon. Kris is on the slow road to recovery, but doing better everyday, thanks for asking.
    lets go dumpster divin someday!

  6. Hi,
    I was wondering if you would want to join us on September 12th for our first flea market. It will be here in Mill Creek in our parking lot behind the shop. I would love to hear from you, you can call me at 425 357-8106.

  7. Very funny! I was thinking, "that's the WRONG kind of dumpster diving". Glad to see you have stepped up in the world of dumpster diving lol. It's great to find something you've been looking for!! Karen

  8. Love it when things "come along" just when and where you need them! And finding stools is SOOO much better than sorting through old food for braces or that missing silver spoon ...
    Thanks for sharing this discovery!
    Betty :)