Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Living With Antiques

Some tricks to draw attention to prize finds.

Discover strength in numbers. Grouping items yields big impact. For smaller items, such as creamware gelatin molds or vintage jewelry pins, arrange the grouping on a silver tray.

Explore new heights. Try stacking a few items from one collection on top of a cabinet.

Organize by color. When displaying a number of different items, color is a great unifier, like this book collection below.

Don't forget about the walls. Most anything can be hung or mounted. Give tabletop items new attention on a wall, or line plate rails with vintage photos.


  1. Love the ideas. I'm always looking for something new and exciting to do with all my treasures I haul home.

    I'm trying to figure out how I can come to your sale next week and get out of helping my mother with her garage sale. It's going to be tricky!

    Hey I'm having a Farm Chicks give away this week on my blog. Stop by and enter.

    Have a great week!

  2. I love the books arranged by color and the wall of plates. :)

  3. These are pretty awesome ideas...I might actually end up arranging my books my color. Seems like a good way to brighten up the plain white book case. Actually, maybe you'd be interested in checking out a feature Im doing on my site on ultra kitschy salt and pepper shaker collectors. Folks seem to use them more as decorative pieces than functional kitchen items. http://www.collectorsquest.com/featured-week/S+%26+P+Shakers.html

  4. I love this post! Great ideas and wonderful photos to show us just what you are talking about. Nice. ~Mindy