Saturday, June 20, 2009

Front Porch Decor

This was a great idea for some old pots (and an old bench). First we painted the seat of the bench a cream color, we left the legs natural because we were too lazy to paint them. The terracotta pots were rescued from a junk pile, we just painted a rectangle on them with chalkboard paint. You choose what you want to write in the box, keep it short and simple.

You could use this same idea with old buckets or old flower boxes.... chalkboard paint is our new best friend. Have a great weekend, hope you find lots of junkin jewels!


  1. love, love that idea...I have chalkboard paint too..I also have an old door on my front porch that has chalkboard paint on it and I write little sayings to fit the holidays with my liquid chalk markers..:)

  2. Im going to do this with some pots on my porch! So cute :)

  3. Hi gals! Sorry it took so long to write! I'm so sad I could not make it up last weekend when I had my terrible back problems. I must say yesterday's yoga really helped it out. i hope you will have another in the future so I get a second chance!! So glad it was a success...even without me. Lol!

    Lots of hugs,

    Michelle :)

  4. Hey Linda~ Michael's has some new chalk board paint.. it comes in colors! Found it just the other day =)