Monday, June 15, 2009

The Funky Junk Sisters 1st Annual Show a Success!

The New England Saltbox of Sumner, WA (above)

We captured a few pictures during the show and thought we would share them with you. Today's Country Store of Sumner, WA. Their booth was ever changing, cuz they were selling stuff so fast. (FYI - Sumner has its annual sidewalk sale coming up this weekend).

This show had something for everyone, including this darling little guy.

Stacy Tate of Tate's Totes had gorgeous aprons and bags for sale.

Jill Radley aka Rose Petal Betty, having some fun with her mom.

"Look Mommy, this would look so cool on my bed. Can I have it?"

Katy of The Classic Farmhouse. She did a fabulous job. Her booth was located next to The Great Harvest Bread Company, she smelled that wonderful fresh baked bread aroma all day long. Just thinking about that makes us gain weight!

Luluz fun jewelry display. She had an old double wash tub with glass on top in her booth, we thought it would make a terrific kitchen island.

Look who bought our Funky Junk Sisters Retro Pink Fridge! This spunky chick teaches art classes and is going to store her art supplies in it! Fabulous!!

Liz of Seabold Vintage Market was so sweet to allow us to use her beautiful 1951 red truck in the front entrance of the show. Many snapshots were taken with it!

Patricia of Tippy Stockton had a darling booth with a fresh tangerine and aqua color scheme. We heard lots of OOOHS & AAWHS coming from this area.

Folkart Gatherings is another great shop in Sumner, WA. They specialize in primitive design.

Robins Egg Blue has such a simple yet elegant style.

Lisa of The Country Chicken has Farmhouse Funk down to a T. Just had to have one of her big flower pots on our back porch! You can find her at the downtown Puyallup Farmers Market!

Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures, make sure you check back often to see when our next show is. Bloggers will be talkin about this for days so we will try to link to all of the other sites out there that have posted more about the show. If you know of one, please comment below to tell us about it.

Stay in touch! We'll be fillin you in on all of our junkin adventures!
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  1. Hey gals, You commented a couple of weeks ago on my 'Pay it Forward' post and because of it you are one of the winners. Sorry this took so long but it just got put on the 'back-burner'! ;0) Send me your address and I'll a package of funness your direction. Thx.!

  2. I'm so glad to hear it was a success. I didn't get to go, but I had your sale posted on my blog, trying to share and not be selfish. I'm so glad to hear that shows seem to be doing well, despite the financial crunch! I really wondered how that would affect the vintage community. Karen

  3. I had a BLAST this weekend girls, thank you so much! The whole show rocked!!! Can't wait to be a part of it all again, I have a great pic of us on my blog!! Thanks for all you HARD work!!
    xoxoxo, Tiffany

  4. Hey gals! I truly had a fab time!!! Way to go on a super successful show. It was so nice getting to know you. You were both super encouraging and couldn't have made it any better in my opinion! Of course it took a couple days to recoup but it was truly a happy exhaustion. ;0) can't wait to do it again! Blessings, Katy P.S. Just wrote my blog post about the show.

  5. Hi!

    I put togeher a slideshow of the show if you want to take a peek!!!

    Looks like it turned out great, nice work ladies!

  6. It looks and sounds like a good time was had by all! Congrats on a wonderful show with great folks and great stuff! ~Mindy

  7. "Hi" to all of the Funky Junk Sisters and also to the very special Funky Junk Mom!! It was so nice to meet all of you . . . you were all so sweet and did such an amazing job with your first show - Congratulations!! It was so much fun to get to know some of the vendors - and do a little shopping for myself as well. :) Take care - Liz

  8. What an amazing show! I loved every minute I spent there. And it was so good to meet you! (Thank you for letting me cut in line for the bathroom too, lol). I would love to do a show like that one day, I will keep dreaming about it for now : ) Your booth was so sweet and I love my treasures from there. Great Job Ladies!!! Can't wait for your next one.

  9. Your show looks like it was great!! Maybe someday I will be able to make it over to one. Well done!!