Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Some folk see a Sunflower as a flower. Others see it as a vegetable. It is of course both, a beautiful flower and a great vegetable! Healthy, nutritious and attractive, Sunflowers have it all.

As homeowners, we adorn our yards and gardens with our choice of dozens of sizes and varieties. We use them to attract birds to our homes. We also enjoy eating the seeds. They are high in protein.

Sunflowers are also great for kids. The seeds are big and easy to handle, and they require minimal attention. Kids like to grow big things, so a sunflower fits the bill. The end product is not only eye appealing, but makes a great snack. We put Sunflowers, along with pumpkins, as the top two plants for kids to grow.

These are a miniature variety that we found at Home Depot for $5.25. We just thought they were so sweet and they look great in this old galvanized tub!


  1. I love sunflowers..our plants are up over our heads sunflowers yet..but will have them soon..last year they were about 8-9 feet fall..they were amazing...:)

  2. Sunflowers have always been my favorite flower. I live in the woods though and sunshine is at a premium... maybe I could find a spot for one or two giants?

  3. I love those!! How long will they last?

  4. The sunflowers look great! My "stuff" is having a hard year, so WAY behind where it should be and a few things froze out ... :( Thanks goodness for blog gardens!! Thanks for sharing
    When we first moved to Whoville there was a WHOLE FIELD full of sunflowers. We thought they grew them every year ... but that was the only one. I wish I had taken pictures.
    I, too, LOVE the seeds, and there are lots of ways to season them to make super add-ins for salads!
    Betty :)

  5. SO BEAUTIFUL! Sunflowers are so cheerful and one of my favorite flowers!