Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Weekend Flea Part 1

This past weekend I was lucky enough to wander off to the Sandpoint Antique Market. It was such a beautiful day, here is a picture of the scenery from the 520 bridge....shhhhh, don't tell anyone that I was driving across the bridge when I took this shot (the beauty of I phones). The Seattle area truly is a beautiful place to live!
I arrived at the flea market to find several of the vendors that will be at the Funky Junk Sisters Show in a couple of weeks, including Jill Holmgren. She had a set of these fabulous chairs. So Paris don't you agree? Can you say oui oui?
I wonder if these clocks are set for Paris time?

I visited with JohnBobCoolJunk too.
I was drawn to these bins full of vintage fabrics. There is something fun about having to literally dig through piles of stuff. They have tons of vintage barkcloth. John & Bob told me they are saving some really special stuff for our show....can't wait to see it!

Retro glasses in a serving tray no less! JohnBob did you pick these up on your trip back East?

The sweet Debi Burton of Ormolulu always has lots of eye candy.

More from Debi.
I'll have more pics tomorrow....

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  1. You are all making me so jealous that I didn't get to go to Sandpoint. Hmmph. I want those chairs!!!!! Ok, calmer now. FJS in a week! I can hold out. I finally learned how to get your button on my blog!