Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life is Crazy Busy Around Here, but we Love it!

Besides getting ready for this weekends Funky Junk Sisters Show, the Funky Junk family has alot going on.... One Funky Junk Husband is opening up a new facility.
The Funky Junk Daughters have a big spectacular birthday party today.

Last night a Funky Junk Nephew had a big football game...the Mt. Spokane Wildcats won 56-0!
One more thing... a little eleven hour drive to Idaho to watch another Funky Junk Son play a game against Northern Colorado!
We gotta tell ya, we can't wait for friday night's Girls Night Out, to gather with friends, talk girl talk and let our hair down! Whooo Hooo!

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  1. You will be so ready, I am hoping to come. Florence