Friday, October 2, 2009

Get your tickets now for the Junk Bus!

Hey ladies if you are planning on coming to our Fall Funky Junk Sisters Show from up north you should check out the "Come Junk With Us" Bus. Timi, the bus hostess with the mostest has a fun trip planned with special VIP treatment. This weekend is the end of the early bird special so buy your tickets now!
Remember we have changed the show location to the South Hill Mall Campus, it is easy to find and close to the freeway!


  1. Give someone the option to turn off the music! I want to browse your site, not listen to music.

  2. If you scroll down the page to the playlist(black box) on the right side, you can click the middle circle and it will turn the music off. Or you can just turn it off on your own computer. :)