Monday, May 18, 2009

This & That

Wow, it was such a beautiful weekend in the Pacific Northwest this past weekend. Here is the view of Mt. Rainier from my oldest son's house. I love the way the mountain is framed perfectly through the trees. Future Junk Sisters Savannah and MacKenna (Dixie's daughters) went with Dixie and I on our outing to Sumner. They were so good, they found this old manual typewriter to occupy themselves. The girls at Today's Country Store got a kick out of them when they asked "How do we plug it in?" A typical question in today's world of video games and I pods.
As we walked the streets of Sumner we were receiving phone calls left and right about our upcoming Funky Junk Sisters Show. Many wanted to be vendors and others just wanted details. We can't tell you enough about how much fun you will have as a shopper, in the current economy, folks want good quality with a great price. You will find both at our event!
Sunday was a day of work for all of us, I painted, Dixie gathered and my hubby cleaned up after us! We are working our fannies off to make this show special for everyone. (Well I wish my fanny would go away!)
My youngest son comes home from college today. He will be hungering for some home cooked food, so I'm headed off to do a big grocery shop. When the kids come home our house is full of friends and family. He only has three short weeks at home....
then he heads back to train for this ( he is number 35). So as you can see he can eat alot and so do his friends!
Just as JT goes back to school, my middle son comes home from college. Life is just one big revolving door around our house. I had better get busy!