Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ahhh, The Smell of Fresh Baked Bread!

I stopped by the new Great Harvest Bread Company on South Hill the other day. As I approached the counter a cute girl offered me a sample of any kind of bread that I wanted. She convinced me that the cinnamon chip swirl bread was what I needed. Key word here, NEEDED. It was fabulous, scrumptious, yummy, etc. You must try it sometime, make sure you put plenty of honey butter on it to get the full effect. I can still smell it.

Guess what? It's good for you too.
They grind their whole wheat fresh everyday. Freshly milled, whole wheat tastes phenomenal, and fresh whole grain bread is life-enhancing. They use premium wheat bought from family owned farms located in the finest wheat growing region in the world -- Montana. You won’t find additives, preservatives or any ingredients you can’t pronounce. Natural wholesomeness.

I bought a loaf of cinnamon chip swirl and took it home to share with my family. They devoured it, it disappeared within seconds.
Do stop in the South Hill location at 14207 Meridian E in Puyallup , 253-845-0288. They carry the full line of Peets Coffee and Lattes as well as the "Best Sandwich in Town" along with a variety of specialty Soups for a great all around lunch or dinner.
Make sure you say Hello to Stacey, the owner, tell them The Funky Junk Sisters sent you!


  1. Just thinking about it makes me drool! That sounds just like my kind of place!

  2. thanks so much for stopping in my blog and leaving a sweet comment !! please come by again!!

  3. this bread is oh so yummy!!!
    have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I don't know if you are from New Mexico but we have a great harvest here and it is the most awesome place ever!
    I just baked bread today but I tell you it cannot compare.