Friday, May 1, 2009

It is a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest!

When we have days like this it is time to celebrate! I took this picture last night at a baseball game. Mt. Rainier stands majestically in the background. Isn't it just beautiful? After the game I heard on the radio that the whole weekend would be sunny and warm... so I decided that we should have a few people over, get a roaring fire going in the firepit and enjoy the warm temperatures.
This old stainless steel feeder was my inspiration for the impromptu entertaining. I happened upon it a couple of months ago at a barn sale. I wasn't sure what I would do with it. Maybe use it to store colorful rolled up towels in my bathroom, or possibly fill it with water and float candles in it at my next outdoor evening party. For now I am going to use it to store wood for the firepit.

Cute and functional!

I just have to share a few pictures with you from our yard.

Blossoms everywhere!

The lilacs are just about ready to pop open...they are my favorite flower. Their fragrance is so wonderful.

I pulled out some of my vintage treasures to prepare the table for our guests. I'm gonna whip up a batch of strawberry lemonade in my old galvanized beverage cooler.

I think the red wire rack is some sort of file sorter from years past. I added some vintage books for flavor.

My favorite piece is this darling turquoise tray with a sweet bouquet of flowers painted on it. Oh, and we can't forget the vintage table cloth that pulls it all together!

Remember when you are entertaining, keep it sweet, keep it simple and don't panic.
You will find many tresures like the ones I used at our


  1. OHHH! That tray, that cooler, that tablecloth! Nice finds.

    And I loved seeing that pic of Mr Rainier, what an awesome sight to be able to see that everyday!

    Thank you for the visit to my blog and I will be bookmarking yours for furter browsing.


  2. It was nice around here! Love, love, love that tray and those adorable little bowls!

  3. Love the picture of Mt Rainier, looks really gorgeous. And all the blossoms in your yard. Loved all your treasures as well, it is amazing how these " little" things can fill your heart with joy.
    Am off now to find a recipe for strawberry lemonade, thanks for the inspiration, it sounds really awesome!

  4. Thanks for the invite to do your show. We are not really set up to do shows at this time-mainly because I work weekends... Our first show will be outside our store on the street on May 16th at the Snohomish Antique Faire. If things go well maybe we will look into doing other shows in the future.
    Good Luck with your show-it sounds FUN!