Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We are suppose to be working on landscaping our yard...but we got side tracked.

We have knocked down a fence and opened up a new area to our yard. Today we were searching the internet for landscaping ideas and wouldn't you know it we got sidetracked by this sign. We have told you before that we love old signs, so off we went on a tangent. Couldn't you just imagine this in the back 40?
Or how bout this?

Old signs are fun and they add tons of personality to indoor or outdoor decor. When you are out at garage sales, fleas or thrift stores look for them and don't forget to pick up letters from old business signs too. They can add a little whimsy to your walls.


  1. This place is wayyy too much fun!!! :)


  2. Those are fun signs! Love your music!

  3. i LOVE old letters!!!!!!!!
    that table full of letters is going to make me crazee!!!!!!!!