Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Excuse Us While We Primp...

for an important interview. Not quite sure what is in store with this, but wish us luck! More details later.
On another note, we would like to announce that we now have more junk dealers in our October show than we have had in any previous shows! This "Junk Salvation" event is on fire and ya'll aren't gonna wanna miss it. Early shoppin starts at 6pm on Friday Oct 15th. Here you'll get to be the first to shop our "cool" junk and drink martinis with the girlz! Sounds like a perfect night doesn't it? Well that's not all that's goin on... you'll also be helpin us kick breast cancer to the curb. Yeah that's right! We'll have door prizes and raffles to raise money to save the ta tas!!!
Get on board our junk train, everybody's ridin it!


  1. Looking forward to hearing what the interview was all about and maybe seeing a video or pics! Have fun with it! =:) Leena

  2. With Audrey Hepburn, can't you see?