Saturday, April 19, 2014

Heading off to California next week for Stagecoach!

We hit the road again next week. This time we will be doing something a bit different. 
We were asked by the directors of Stagecoach Music Festival 
to create a 
HoNKy ToNk DaNCe HaLL in a huge tent! 
So for the past couple of months we have been scouring the west coast for all things
HONKY TONK! We are super excited for this opportunity.

  We will do what we do BEST.....
caravan a butt load of funky JUNK down to CALI, find a way to put it all together 
and make it look fabulous!! We got peeps takin' pics for us so we can 
share those with you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

On another note, we have more big news! Our Funky Junk Sisters Paint website has gone live and we are accepting retailers to carry our paint line. Check it out!

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