Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obsessed or Possessed?

We've both had canned hams on our minds lately....can we say "constantly" lately? Perhaps we are obsessed. Probably! That's all either of us can think about. We've got craigslist alerts on our phones to "ping" us as soon as one is entered as an ad. Crazy, huh? Yeah, you might say so. Anyways....here you go....our latest finds. Below is my little bread loaf, it's a Sante Fe, not sure of the year but I was told it was a 1969. The inside looks older than that to me, but we shall soon find out. This just in, fresh from an MMS on my phone! Dix bought this lil cutie a few minutes ago, I think she said it's a 1947, but we'll have more details and pics later.
PoWeR tO ThE JuNkpEOpLe!!!

Linda FJS #2


  1. I too am a lover of canned hams! I have a 1964 Shasta. I feel like I have a little doll house to decorate and feed the little girl inside of me.

  2. How Fun! We've been looking for an older trailer too. I figure it'll pop up at some point. I want one to work on and redecorate and use to travel to shows, like yours, without having to pay for a hotel.

    Have fun girls!


  3. Cute!!! Can't wait to see more pics. I have always wanted one or atleast do a story on one. Thanks again for the tee! Lovin' it!