Monday, March 15, 2010

Here is the list you have been waiting for....

We get many emails and facebook comments asking for a list of vintage style markets in the Pacific Northwest. Well we have been meaning to compile one, but we just haven't gotten around to we don't have to. did it for us! Whew, one more thing to cross of our list! images from our shows

Here is a link to the much anticipated list. We are truly humbled to be recognized as "one of the places to shop".

Now we gotta get back to work...cuz our show is just around the corner!

Have a terrific week and here's to hoping you find lots of cool junk!

Linda & Dixie


  1. well isn't that handy? thank you!

  2. There's that cute screen door from the Sophia's booth at Farm Chicks last year! I'm glad that's found an awesome home ;)


  3. I am in Ohio but enjoyed all of these shops! Have a great day! Love your blog!